Meet R&R's Summer Intern - Trevor Smith

We’ve had another great summer with our intern, Trevor Smith! Trevor has been a vital part of our team and we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to learn alongside him as he collaborated with colleagues on real-world projects. Before heading back to Colorado State University for fall semester, Trevor shared a few takeaways:

Favorite things about working at R&R:

The people – it’s a smaller firm so it feels more like family because everyone knows everyone.

The culture – the daily Starbucks runs, and the day we got to go walk shelter dogs.

The flexibility – management happily accommodated several doctor appointments for an upcoming scheduled surgery.

The fun – When Chris accidentally asked Starbucks to add 7 shots of espresso to Michael’s drink and you could hear Michael typing and talking at warp speed from across the office.

Most valuable thing learned this summer:

AutoCad Civil 3D

Advice for students looking for internships

Put yourself out there. Show up to the career fairs and network with people.

A lesson you will take back to college:

Suck it up and do the work until it’s done.