Education Engagement with R&R

Here at R&R we strive to keep learning and create and environment for our staff, our clients, and our colleagues to continue their pursuit of knowledge. Beyond the mentoring and growth of our dedicated staff internally, R&R routinely works with partners in the A/E/C community to provide educational discussions and presentations.
Tony TeachingTony Smith (Director of Survey/COO) has held several “lunch and learn” events with some of our brokerage and general contractor partners to provide a crash course on surveying and what they need to know to succeed in their respective roles. For brokerage firms and developers that means a review of the different types of land surveys, what they are used for, when you need them, and how that impacts land transactions. Further along in the project timeline, R&R provides a guide to general contractors on the basics of construction survey staking, including best methods for phasing stakes during a project.CRG Panel Presentation

Recently Douglas Dunkin, PE (President/CEO) had the opportunity to provide insight during the CRG-Colorado presentation panel “Avoiding the Pains and Pitfalls in Pre-Construction Planning” earlier this month. A great success, we want to thank CRG-Colorado, as well as the other panelists for providing their keen insight towards navigating the worlds of land planning, financing, and marketing projects in the pre-construction phases.

We are always looking to continue our educational engagement in the industry – let us know if your firm may be interested in these, and other relevant topics regarding survey, entitlements, and civil engineering.