Community Outreach - Education

As part of R&R’s community outreach efforts, our Denver office hosted 25 high school students to learn about the work we do and what it takes to be a survey, civil engineer, or planning professional. In addition, the children were given a tour of the Denver office, a presentation of our Site Optimization software, and were given a small-scale engineering problem to solve.  A special thanks to Bill, Krysta, Richard, and Derrick who showcased R&R and the services we provide, as well as to Becky and Lori who handled the logistics of the visit. The school was very thankful of our efforts (see note below)
Thanks SO much for a great day today! Mapleton students loved their time with R&R. A clear theme that stood out for me when talking to students and reading their comments on the post-survey, was that they want to be exposed to a diversity of firms and explore more. This is exactly what a counselor wants to see after a career exploration activity. Students ran the gamut from wanting to discuss an internship at R&R and sign on to civil engineering all the way to confirming that civil isn’t right for them but they want to explore mechanical or electrical more. I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort that went into planning and executing our day today.

With much gratitude,
Allison Lusero Hoffman
Mapleton Public Schools