About Our Team

Our team of professional engineers, land surveyors and planners are ready to handle even the most challenging of projects. Our employees hold licenses in Engineering (P.E.), Surveying (P.L.S.) and are accredited in green building practices (LEED APs). Our team has extensive experience in a variety of project types,R&R Office both in the public and private sectors.

“The US Government has come to rely on R&R expertise for embassy security and border crossings around the globe, imagine what we can do in our own backyard.”

The diversity in our experience and our commitment to excellence gives our clients confidence that we will get the job done right.  As our client, you would be ensured one point of contact, frequent and clear communication, and a vital sense of urgency.  Building on 25 years of experience, we provide a unique value through reliable consultant and contractor relationships while having earned preferred status with our clients.  Our shared goal is to provide valuable work while doing our best to minimize your costs.